Re: how to fill in pixels


Tom Whittaker wrote:

Perhaps a new DisplayRealType is the 'right' answer, but since the
changes made this morning significantly alter the appearance, I'm
worried about the users out there who were somehow depending on the
'smooth' texture. It seems to me the old 'default' (if that's what it
was) should remain the same??

I'd agree with this, but under the current system, it essesntially
inverts the setTextureEnable() meaning.  And I found I can't just
globally change this to false, because that invalidates the use
of ImageRendererJ3D().

In our non-VisAD gridded data viewer, one of the biggest complaints
was blocky displays for gridded data, similar to what the new VisAD code
now does.  Having the smooth textures really shows the fluid dynamics
of the atmosphere as opposed to blocks moving along.

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