Stereo in VisAD

It looks like the Geowall group
(<a href=""; eudora="autourl"></a>)
could be interested in using VisAD for a new, OpenGL stereo compatible
version of the Geowall display. I tried the VisAD &quot;TestStereo&quot;
example with the Geowall (and with other stereo display systems both
Windows and Unix), and found that there was too much &quot;eye
separation&quot; to get a good stereo image. I found the same problem
with standard Java/j3d examples. <br><br>
So I am looking for a way t<tt>o control the eye separation in the stereo
display. I tried changing things like
&quot;setLeftManualEyeInImagePlate&quot; and
&quot;setRightManualEyeInImagePlate&quot; to
t</tt><font face="Courier New, Courier">he same position with the j3d
examples, but still had too much eye separation (no change). Can someone
point me to the correct method to use and property to change in a
&quot;Canvas3D&quot; (or elsewhere) that will allow me to adjust eye
Bill...Would you be willing to create a version of the VisAD spreadsheet
that allows enabling of stereo? It could be a separate stereo-only
version, or one that is enabled by an external command line parameter
&quot;</font>-Dj3d.stereo=PREFERRED&quot; <br>
or through a option in a preference/pull-down menu.<br><br>
Mike Redmond<br>

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