Re: how to fill in pixels

> I changed the MathType from
>   (radial,gate)->(x,y,z,gatevalue)
> to:
>   (radial,gate) -> (x,y,z) -> (gatevalue)
> and attached the x,y,z axes to the Display axes
> and I do get filled pixels.

I spoke too soon ... there is still a problem.
I do get filled pixels in the xy plane, but
things are not filled along the surface of the
cone ... instead I get rings.
  There is a snapshot and source code at:

a) I am using x,y,z as the domain, so why is
the x-y direction working, but not the z-component?
b) Is there a conical geometry in visad that
I am overlooking here?
c) How do I tell the display not to interpolate
but use the nearest neighbor?


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