axes scale

 i have similar question relating to this one ask by John:
i have a display which currently sets the scale from (0,39), but i want the
scale to cover up to say 50 and have the data distributed over it.
is there anyway i can manually changed the scale ?


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From: Don Murray
To: John Osborne
Sent: 8/19/02 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: Reversed axes and connect the dots?

Hi John-

John Osborne wrote:

> Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, our depths are stored as positive 
> numbers. Using a RealType.Altitude, I was confused how to set the
> to what you suggested. RealType.Altitude is a static class and I don't

> see a method in RealType or it's parent classes for setting units--it 
> appears to only happen in the constructors for RealType (or through
> new factory methods). I also tried reversing the max and min for the 
> axis using setRange but that didn't work either--the data points 
> disappeared and the axis showed the usual orientation.

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