Re: Reversed axes and connect the dots?

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Subject: Re: Reversed axes and connect the dots?
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 13:15:25 -0600
From: Don Murray <dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: Unidata/UCAR
To: John Osborne <John.Osborne@xxxxxxxx>
References: <3d3de3ab69.3ab693d3de@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


John Osborne wrote:

> Q1:In oceanography it's customary to have a "reversed" axis for depth.
> For example, a 2D plot of some measured value (like salinity) ert to
> depth, the origin of the Y axis is at the top of the axis and
> represents the surface of the ocean. Depth increases down the axis
> rather than up from the cartesian origin. Is there any way to tell
> VisAD to draw a reversed axis?

Are your values of depth positive?  If so, you might be able
to use RealType.Altitude as your type and use
CommonUnit.meter.scale(-1.0) as the units for any Data object
you create.  Alternatively, you could create a RealType
with name "Depth" and units as above.  I'm not sure how either
would be depicted.

You can also reverse the axes using the ScalarMap.setRange()
method.  Just switch the max and min values (ie.
myMap.setRange(100, 0) vs. myMap.setRange(0, 100).

> Q2: I have succeeded in producing 3D scatter plots where the plot
> symbol is colored by another measured variable. Is there a way in VisAD
> to connect the plotted points with a line segment? If so, can the line
> segment also be colored by the color variable?

I'll let Bill or someone else answer this.


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