Re: Reversed axes and connect the dots?


Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, our depths are stored as positive 
numbers. Using a RealType.Altitude, I was confused how to set the units 
to what you suggested. RealType.Altitude is a static class and I don't 
see a method in RealType or it's parent classes for setting units--it 
appears to only happen in the constructors for RealType (or through the 
new factory methods). I also tried reversing the max and min for the 
axis using setRange but that didn't work either--the data points 
disappeared and the axis showed the usual orientation.


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From: Don Murray <dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Monday, August 19, 2002 12:15 pm
Subject: Re: Reversed axes and connect the dots?

> John-
> John Osborne wrote:
> > Q1:In oceanography it's customary to have a "reversed" axis for 
> depth. 
> > For example, a 2D plot of some measured value (like salinity) 
> ert to 
> > depth, the origin of the Y axis is at the top of the axis and 
> > represents the surface of the ocean. Depth increases down the 
> axis 
> > rather than up from the cartesian origin. Is there any way to 
> tell 
> > VisAD to draw a reversed axis?
> Are your values of depth positive?  If so, you might be able
> to use RealType.Altitude as your type and use
> CommonUnit.meter.scale(-1.0) as the units for any Data object
> you create.  Alternatively, you could create a RealType
> with name "Depth" and units as above.  I'm not sure how either
> would be depicted.
> You can also reverse the axes using the ScalarMap.setRange()
> method.  Just switch the max and min values (ie.
> myMap.setRange(100, 0) vs. myMap.setRange(0, 100).
> > Q2: I have succeeded in producing 3D scatter plots where the 
> plot 
> > symbol is colored by another measured variable. Is there a way 
> in VisAD 
> > to connect the plotted points with a line segment? If so, can 
> the line 
> > segment also be colored by the color variable? 
> I'll let Bill or someone else answer this.
> Don

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