Re: stuck at getImage()'s wait()

Hi Ben,

visad/examples/ uses the getImage() method to
capture an image from a DisplayImplJ2D. It works on my
machine. Does it work on yours? Note there are two windows,
one for the DisplayImplJ2D (where you can drag the image
around with left mouse clicks) and another that shows the
result of getImage() calls once per second.

If it works on your system, then we need to figure out what
is different about your application. You might send me a
short test program that demonstrates your problem.


On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Ben Monnahan wrote:

> Hi all,
> Don, Bill, Thanks for your insight before.  I got those two things
> working.(Tick marks on the end, rubberband zooming)
> I've run into another issue.  I'm trying to use DisplayImpl.getImage() to
> get an image of the display.  The problem is that it stops where
> DisplayRendererJ2D.getImage() calls wait().  I already have the original
> getImage() call in a separate thread as described here:
> I assume I have to notify something to make this work but I can't figure
> out what or how.  Sorry if this is a simple thread question but I am
> pretty new to threads(especially java threads).  I would use the
> java.util.Util.captureDisplay() function but I get a black image.  The
> author of that article also had the same problem so I am trying to use his
> solution.  I'm also using 1.4 but for linux.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Ben Monnahan

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