Re: Scatterplots in VisAD?

Hi John,

> I'm just starting out with VisAD and have been successful creating a
> variety of 3D surface plots. Now, however, I want to make a 3D scatter
> plots and I'm having trouble getting my mind around what to do. My
> surface plots were derived from gridded data but the data behind the
> scatter plots are just tuples. TIA

The general pattern for a scatter plot is data in a FlatField
with MathType (index -> (a, b, c, ..., z)) and ScalarMaps:

  a -> XAxis
  b -> YAxis
  c -> ZAxis

where any range RealTypes (i.e., any letters a - z) can be
substituted for a, b and c in these ScalarMaps. You can add
other ScalarMaps to color components (e.g., Red, Green, Blue,
RGB) and to SelectRange. The domain of your field doesn't
have to be a 1-D 'index', but may be a 2-D image domain such
as (line, element). The key idea in a scatter diagram is that
domain RealTypes are not mapped to spatial display axes, but
that range RealTypes are.


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