RE: visad cell-Impl

Hi all:

 i have two fields f1,f2 and two data references d1,d2 added to my display:
the scalar maps and the dispaly is written using the first field and i am
only using data points from the second field which basically a file like:

(isotopicMass, pi) -> (Ratio) 
Ratio, isotopicMass, pi 
50  0   0 
30  250000  0 
90  250000  0 
10  0   0 
80  0   0 
i am only using data from the first column in this file. my question is if i
right-click on the mouse the doAction() in cellImpl seem not to  be working,
what i expect is to be able able to retrieve the entire from the file say
:10  0   0  if i rihght-click on 10 in the display:

here is what i have 

        final FieldImpl fieldx = 
      (FieldImpl) new TextAdapter("flatxx.txt").getData(); 
 DataReferenceImpl ref = new DataReferenceImpl("ref"); 
   final  DataReferenceImpl refx = new DataReferenceImpl("refx"); 
  final PickManipulationRendererJ3D pmr3d = new
    //cellImpl computation and data retrieval 
       CellImpl cellfield2d = new CellImpl() 
      private boolean nice = true; 
      public void doAction() throws VisADException,RemoteException 
        if (nice) nice = false; 
        else { 
          int i = pmr3d.getCloseIndex(); 
          Tuple data = (Tuple)fieldx.getSample(i); 
          Set domainSet = fieldx.getDomainSet(); 
          float[][] values = domainSet.indexToValue(new int[] { i }); 
          System.out.print("Ratio = " +
((Real)data.getComponent(0)).getValue()+ ", "); 
        FlatField coords = (FlatField) refx.getData(); 
         final Set set = coords.getDomainSet(); 
                final float [][] domainSamples = set.getSamples(); 
               System.out.println( domainSamples[0][i]);