Re: collaborative displays

Hi Keith,

One approach would be to create a DisplayImpl on a
client machine without the collaborative constructor,
but to get the list of DataReferences linked to the
server DisplayImpl and to also link them to the client
DisplayImpl. See (the server) and (the client) in visad/examples for an
exmaple of how to do this.

Switching back and forth between this mode and normal
collaboration will be harder. Basically you'd have
to destroy one DisplayImpl and construct a replacement
using either the collorative constructor or the pattern
in I am not sure if there is a graceful
way to close a collaborating client - perhaps Dave
can answer that?


On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, [iso-8859-1] Keith Pang wrote:

> Hi,
> In collaborative displays any changes in one display
> eg. zoom, is reflected at the server display and also
> other displays linked to that server display.
> I would like to know whether there is a way of
> severing that relation so that at the press of a
> button, a client can work independently with his own
> display. Any changes that the client makes will not
> affect other clients.
> At the moment I am using the DisplayImplJ3D
> constructor that takes a RemoteDisplay as the
> argument.
> regards,
> Keith
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