Re: adding and removing LabeledColorWidget

Hi John,

> I have added a LabeledColorWidget onto a JPanel.  Depending on which color
> map the user chooses, I would like to remove the current widget from the
> panel and add another one in its place.  I have been using the following code:
>   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
>        {
>            scaleAllScaleButtonSelect(false);
>            JRadioButton tempButton = (JRadioButton)e.getSource();
>            tempButton.setSelected(true);
>            jPanel1.remove(0);
> jPanel1.add(client.getColorWidget(((JRadioButton)e.getSource()).getText()),0);
>            jPanel1.repaint();
>        }
> However, after I remove the first widget the second widget does not appear
> on my panel.  I know it is there because if the actionPerformed is called
> again, other components will not be removed (at the 0th position of the
> panel).  Is there something about the widget that I need to know
> about?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

visad/benjamin/ does this successfully, with code:

  widget_panel.add(lw5, 0);

where lw2 and lw5 are LabeledColorWidgets. This is only slightly
different from your code, but perhaps that is the critical

Good luck,

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