Re: need help about data update

On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Jing Zhang wrote:

>   Recently, I'm designing 3D terrain program by usingVisAD class library.
> This program includes 2D and 3D area. Each of them in the different
> JFrame. When the user select area of 2D, there will be a correspondence
> 3D display. But I found that I can't update 3D display currently showing
> without closing the program. (It just accept data only once. If I have
> new data, it doesn't accept)

You question is not very precise, but it sounds like you
may be trying to re-construct everything to update your
DisplayImplJ3D. If you try to re-construct your RealTypes
that will fail. The proper procedure is now to call
RealType.getRealType() instead of explicitly constructing
RealTypes. The RealType constructors have been deprecated.

Good luck,

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