Re: Java3D 1.3 Objects vanished AND resampling Irregular2DSet

Desiree Hilbring wrote:
> A table edge would be flat. I am interested in a picture where I can see
> the run of the profiles. Sorry, I am not good in describing. I want that
> it looks similar to the last picture (at the very bottom) in my homepage:
> It would be nice to fill up the gaps between the "lines", but I guess that
> is not easy, so I was just thinking of thicking the "lines".

The lines will have to come from Data that makes lines, such
as a Set with manifold dimension = 1 or a FlatField with a
domain Set with manifold dimension = 1 (the lines don't look
like iso-lines). Given such Data, you can make thick lines
with ConstantMaps to LineWidth. You can put each set of lines
on a different ZAxis level with ConstantMaps to ZAxis. Or if
you want line z level to vary with terrain, you can resample
your terrain FlatField to Sets over the (x, y) domain and with
manifold dimension = 1. These resample() calls will produce
FlatFields, and you can adjust their z level (to create distinct
layers) by adding offsets to their getFloats() values, then
passing back to their setSamples() methods.

Good luck,

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