points in 3D space


I want to show only data points in 3D space. I have used the following code to do that:

Irregular3DSet testset = new Irregular3DSet(xyz,testsamples);

        DataReferenceImpl points_ref = new DataReferenceImpl("points_ref");

        ConstantMap[] pointsCMap = { new ConstantMap( 1.0f, Display.Red ),
                             new ConstantMap( 0.0f, Display.Green ),
                             new ConstantMap( 0.0f, Display.Blue ),
                             new ConstantMap( 5.50f, Display.PointSize )  };

        display.addReference( points_ref, pointsCMap );

However, this method is very slow. Is there another function or better method to accomplish this?


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