Re: What is function/meaning of string arg to DataReferenceImpl()?

Hi Frank,

> Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the string argument to
> DataReferenceImpl() is? I've seen it used in several programs like this
> Jython snippet:
> t_h_ref = DataReferenceImpl("t_h_ref")
> The point here is that string appears to be always the same as the name of
> variable in the programming language. Can be an arbitrary string? What is
> it used for? What happens if I leave it blank? How about if I use the same
> string for several variables? (like this Jython again)
> t_h_ref = [] # Empty array
> for i in range(10):
>          t_h_ref.append(DataReferenceImpl("t_h_ref")

No problem with re-using the same name for DataReferences.
I put these names in the system (as well as names for
DisplayImpls) early on in case they might be useful. The
main use has been debugging (but the DataReference names
have been useful for tracking down obscure bugs in the
Display logic by discriminating between low level computations
associated with different Data linked to a Display).


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