Rubberband zoom

Hi, it's me again.  I would like to implement a way to zoom that would
allow the user to right click and drag a box out and then zoom in to that
box.  I have noticed something called RubberBandBoxRendererJ3D in the
javadoc and mentioned on the list.  As you may remember, I am using 2D to
create line plots.  I have been thinking(I haven't checked to see how much
work it will be) that I could possibly convert RubberBandBoxRenderJ3D to a
J2D version.  Is using this kind of thing even the best way to go about
something like this? Or is there a simpler way?  If it's going to be too
messy I may be able to deal with not having the rubberband displayed on
the screen.  In that case I'm assuming I would just need to keep track of
the mouse events.

Also, I would like to change the way the ticks are done.  Basically I want
to force the min and max values for the scale to be in the tick list.  
The only way I can see to do it would be by subclassing AxisScale and
overriding the computeTicks() method.  Is there something I'm missing
where I can just tell it to use an array of vals as the tick list and
calculate it outside the class?

Thanks for your time,
Ben Monnahan

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