Re: display freezes

Hi All-

I'm currently working on a 3D dataset and using the
isoContour to generate a surface plot. I only get an
image at a certain isoSurface value (1.085). At a
surface value of zero which is the correct value for
my data, I get no image and the display freezes when I
try to rotate it.

I am reading in a netCDF file, the mathType is
(x,y,z)-> data.
mappings are:
x->X Axis
y->Y Axis
z->Z Axis

We have never seen the behavior you describe, with lots of
applications that generate iso-surfaces. A display freeze
might be a Java3D problem, if you are using some new or
beta version of Java3D.

Can you describe the lockup?  Is it that you can't rotate
the VisAD display? Sometimes, this happens and you need to click
outside the display and then back in.  If you experience a
grey screen (of death ;-)), we frequently see this with VisAD
applications.  One thing to try is pressing Ctrl-Break (on
Windows) or XXX on Unix.  This will provide a thread dump
which is useful in case there is a deadlock.  I have seen
some discussion that this grey screen lockup is a problem with
some ATI cards, but we have also seen it when there are
multiple VisAD displays and you are switching between them.

Java 3D 1.3 has been released for Windows, Solaris (SPARC) and
Linux.  If you are using a beta version, you might want to upgrade
to the FCS version.

Can you send me a small program and data set that
demonstrate this problem?


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