Not drawing cursor strings


I am using the same axis for multiple line plots. This is working no
problem.  The issue is that I have a lot(24, although only 6 max are shown
at a time) of data sets and this causes them all to be displayed in the
upper left corner.  Normally this wouldn't be much of an issue but since
there is a single axis it looks kind of funny to have 25(I have added a
generic label as well) lines saying basically the same thing.

Ok on to the real question.  It looks like this is being displayed from
DisplayRendererJ2D.drawCursorStringVector().  What do you think the best
way to go about only showing the generic one is?  It is the first item in
the Vector.  I was thinking of extending DisplayRendererJ2D and overriding
getCursorStringVector() to only return that first one, but I am concerned
this could cause problems elsewhere.  I could also override
drawCursorStringVector() and that is probably more intuitive, but since I
would be copying most of the code from the super class method I would have
to update my version every time VisAD was updated.

Ben Monnahan

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