Re: How to plot a rectangle on a map

Hi Andrew:

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Wilson, Andrew, J wrote:

> I'm embarrassed to ask this but...

Don't be...

> I want to plot a rectangle on an (x,y) map.
> It's just a simple rectangular outline. Not an image, or an
> x->y function, or a colour shaded terrain map or anything
> clever.

The simplest way in Java is probably to use a Gridded2DSet (or 3D) with
a manifold dimension of one -- just put your x,y (and probably z if you
are using 3D and want to put it above your background).  This would be
your 'data' use use to make a DataReference which then gets added to
your display.  The MathType would be a RealTupleType of the RealTypes
for each of your domain coordinates.

In Jython, you might just use:

    subs.drawLine(display, points, color=, ... )

where 'points' is a list/tuple of your coordinates, defined in
terms of the types mapped to the x,y,z axes,
( (x0, x1, x2,x3),(y0, y1, y2, y3),(z0, z1, z2, z3) )

Hope that helps,


> I need to be able to specify its size and rotation from
> vertical but that's it.
> It seems to be an incredibly simple task and I'm sure there
> must be a simple way to do it but looking through the
> tutorials and documentation I just can't find one.
> Would be indebted if someone can show me the 2 line solution.
> Andrew
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