RE: Newbie using VisAd for Seismic attribute calculation and visu alisation

Thanks Ugo, Bill,

By the time the seismic data gets to me it is, without
exception, regularly sampled. That is the sampling interval
in each dimension is constant (but may be differnt between

Typically we index the values according to inline, crossline
and time. Think of time as equivalent(ish) to depth. So all
three of these can be integers.

Is there any computational advantage to using an Integer3DSet
over a Linear3DSet?


PS: In case you're interested, the origin of the nomenclature
inline and cross line comes from how the data is acquired: a
boat sail up and down surveying the data. The "inline"
direction is the direction in which the boat sailed.

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> As part of this R&TD I need to revive and extend some old
> seismic processing algorithms. I'll need to read in a 3D
> of seismic data. Think 3D medical imaging data but
> geospatially reference and covering up to a 1,000 square
> kilometres at a time. Because of the data sizes I'll
> start with just a basemap and a facility to display
> and horizontal sections.

In VisAD-speak, this, the cube, is a Linear3DSet. There are
"cubes" with different sampling, but the linear 3D set will
probably do
the trick. Check out:


> My second son was born last week (Mother and baby doing
> thanks) so I'm hoping that by working with the VisAd
> and community I can get this work done and still spend a
> little time at home.

...if you have some time between nappy changes...

As Bill said, Jython might save you some time:



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