Re: javax/media/j3d required though not used?


> Following up on my own posting:  I found that
>      javax/media/j3d/Behavior
> is -not- needed when I run with an older version of visad.jar, one
> downloaded by a colleague on March 22nd of this year.
> I predictably :} prefer the older behavior. Can anyone advise
> me if the new behavior (in which j3d is apparently required)
> is intentional?

This is news to us (but I rarely run on machines without
Java3D installed). Can you tell us a specific program from
the tutorial gives the error message:

>    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/media/j3d/Behavior

If its a program that doesn't construct any DisplayImplJ3D
then you may have found a bug in the recent visad.jar.