Vertical soundings again...


I wrote one email a few weeks ago talking about the vertical soundings,
but i didnt understood what to do, so here i am..

Well, the question i that ive got the next Types:

  time->( ( xCoord, yCoord, zCoord)-> concentration[])

That are mapped to a DisplayImlJ3D. I want to get a vertical sounding
(like Vis5D ones) and resampling to:

  zcoord -> concentration[]

And mapped it to a DisplayImplJ2D. Im able to trigger the sounding by
moving around the cursor, but i want to trigger the sounding when the
time (Animation) changes, even if i dont move the cursor. That is what i
dont know how to do it.

In the previous email, Bill told me to "to add a ControlListener to the
of your 3-D display, and use it to trigger the CellImpl that
derives your 2-D data from your 3-D data.", but, how do i trigger the
cell with the ControlListener? With the doAction? And does it trigger my
sounding when the time pass on?

Thank you very much. Im waiting for your answers impaciently...

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