Ive got these RealTypes:
     time->( ( xCoord, yCoord, zCoord)-> concentration[])

where concentration[] is the concentration of  a pollutant. Since ive 5
pollutant, ive got 5 function like the one of above.

These RealTypes are mapped this way:
   time - Animation
   xCoord - XAxis
   yCoord - YAxis
   zCood - ZAxis
   Concentration[] - IsoContour

These way im able to visualize some contours in the same display.

But theres one problem. The IsoContour Map is added to display when the
user (via interface) click s on a button (like Vis5D) and, since the
user can click on other buttons like "Volume" (with another ScalarMap),
 the IsoContour Map must be removed from the display too.

So, when i must remove one map, i refresh my display removing all
references and all maps, and, then, adding all the maps (including the
new one) and all the references.

The problem is when i do this, the ContourWidgets i prevously got  go
disabled, and im not abled to use them.
How can i solve my problem. Many thanks.

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