changing cursor strings

 Hi all,

i need some help with code snippets that supports how to pass on a string
from the domain to be be shown on the screen when a mouse is pressed, let's
say for instancec, when a mouse is click show the name of this object on the gat to do with the display renderer but i am not sure how to do
that since i haven't done that before.i got the code below from Bill
decribing it but i need a little detail to it.



 public void setCursorStringVector()

(which is in visad/ to create a Vector
of Strings you do want, and then call:

  public void setCursorStringVector(Vector vect)

to actually set the Strings on the screen.
 /** Listens for left mouse clicks in the display. */
  public void displayChanged(DisplayEvent e) {
    int id = e.getId();
    int x = e.getX();
    int y = e.getY();
    if (id == DisplayEvent.MOUSE_RELEASED_LEFT) {
      // get domain coordinates of mouse click
      double[] coords = cursorToDomain(pixelToCursor(x, y));

      // deal with coordinates accordingly

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