addendum to 'JyVisAD on Windows'

I'm sorry, in my last message I should have included the details of the error message I'm getting from the Jython Script Editor for JNumeric:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "L:\cvs\MassSpec\src\", line 10, in ?
ImportError: no module named Numeric

The module is called Numeric from within Jython (as in ' from Numeric import *'). It's generally called JNumeric in everyday speech, to distinguish it from the equivalent module in Python, which is often called CNumeric for the same reason. The jar file is called 'Numeric.jar', and is located in C:\VisADJython, where & friends also live.

If it makes a difference, I should mention that drive L is in fact a Samba image of a Linux RAID configuration, though I'm running the Script Editor from my desktop Windows 2000 machine.


PhD, Computational Biologist,
Harvard Medical School BCMP/SGM-322, 250 Longwood Ave, Boston MA 02115, USA.
Tel: 617-432-3555 Fax: 617-432-3557

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