JyVisAD on Windows


Thanks for Bill and Tom for their help. I ended up just downloading the Windows installer version - runs straight out of the box, like a charm. Whoa! I'll leave my Linux problems behind for a rainy day.

The last piece (I hope!) of my particular puzzle is one that may not even be a VisAD problem, but I'm hoping you can help me out. I need to use JNumeric along with VisAD, for the simple reason that my existing code already uses it and I don't want to re-write it. I'm having trouble getting the VisAD Jython script editor to find this jar file. I've tried setting the CLASSPATH variable, and dropping the jar into the VisADJython directory, home of graph.py and subs.py. It doesn't work.

I couldn't find anything relevant in the VisAD mailing-list archives. I apologize if this is off-topic - I haven't had much luck finding anything helpful with Google either. Anybody have any other suggestions?


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