Animation problem with newer visad.jar


Something new between the visad.jar's dated "Mon Mar 11 06:52:57 CST
and "Thu May  2 07:21:29 CDT 2002" is causing problems for me.

Because the AnimationSets are based on the first data set, additional
data sets didn't animate as desired. (e.g. if the first data set has a
temporal gap, additional data sets with samples during that time would
not appear.) To get around this, I initially add a dummy data set with
many regularly spaced time samples. 

This approach works fine with the older visad.jar, but with the newer
one, it is very slow and eventually runs out of memory just trying to
set up the display.

Any ideas what might have changed (I didn't see anything obvious in the
change logs) to cause this and how to make this work?


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