Re: Spread Sheet or Python?

Hi Adele,

>>       3. allow the user to select data points using something like the
>>               RubberBandBoxRenderer (or ultimately 
>> CurveManipulationRenderer) and
>>               pass these points to another plot (initially, a parallel 
>> coordinate plot,
>>               but later I'll need to modify this to do something more 
>> creative)
>You'll need a CellImpl triggered by changes from the
>RubberBandBoxRendererJ3D of the CurveManipulationRendererJ3D,
>which then computes which data points are selected and uses
>then to construct a new Data object linked to other Displays.

Adding a CellImpl to a SpreadSheet cell is straightforward.  If you extend with your own custom spreadsheet, you can add logic to
the constructor to load your data into the spreadsheet cells by default
using BasicSSCell.loadData(String), and also CellImpls linked to the
resulting DataReferences, available from BasicSSCell.getReferences().

>> After exploring the tutorial, the MiniSheet, and the SpreadSheet, it seemed
>> like SpreadSheet
>> might be the best place to start. I can do all except step 3 already, but 3
>> is a big one.

It sounds like the vast majority of the functionality you want is already
present in the SpreadSheet.  The main question I'd be asking is, is this
an application for your use to do visualization and such, or are you
writing it for other users?  Extending the SpreadSheet may be the quickest
solution, best if you're writing the tool for yourself.  But if you need
everything in the GUI "just so," then writing your own application in
Jython or Java is probably the way to go, even if it is more work, because
things will be easier to customize.

If you do decide to go the SpreadSheet route, I'd be happy to answer any
questions you may have.

Good luck,

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