I am using the code MapProjectionDisplay Trying to create a Mercator or
Rectangular projection.  I think that is what this constructor does.  I
tried using:

            new MapProjectionAdapter(new GRIBCoordinateSystem(0,
              180, 360, -90, -180, 90, 180, 15, 15));

But not sure if I am using the GRIBCoordinateSystem class correctly.  The
help for this shows a second set of lat lons, but does not say what they
are.  I assume they are the last grid point since the la1 and lo1 are the

When my display comes up, the map is scrunched really small in the lower
left of the display box.

public GRIBCoordinateSystem(int gridTypeCode,
                            int Ni,
                            int Nj,
                            double La1,
                            double Lo1,
                            double La2,
                            double Lo2,
                            double Di,
                            double Dj)
                     throws VisADException
Constructor for a latitude-longitude (GRIB type code = 0) with
RealTupleType.LatitudeLongitudeTuple as a reference.
Ni - number of points along a latitude circle
Nj - number of points along a longitude circle
La1 - latitude of first grid point (degrees)
Lo1 - longitude of first grid point (degrees)
Di - longitudinal direction increment (degrees)
Dj - latitudinal direction increment (degrees)
VisADException - couldn't create the necessary VisAD object

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"Luke A. Catania (TEC)" wrote:
> Is there a way to use a map projection with VisAD?   If so  there example
> code?? After using the DisplayImplJ3D, I was able to get the map of the
> world shape file displayed, but it does not look correct because of the
> of a map projection.

As Bill mentioned, we use a Display side CS in MetApps.
See ucar.unidata.view.geoloc.MapProjectionDisplay.  This
will take either a visad.georef.MapProjection or a
ucar.unidata.geoloc.Projection as input to set the background
projection.  For a version of MapProjectionDisplay that
uses vanilla VisAD (i.e. no Unidata classes), see:

This does not allow you to change projections, though whereas
ucar.unidata.view.geoloc.MapProjectionDisplay does allow changes
by creating a new DisplayRealTupleType with each change.

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