RE: Online docs and ChangeLogs

The link from page: is, but in your email it is  I suppose it changed when you fixed
the problem.

If they are referenced anywhere else they will need to be updated too.


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The online VisAD javadoc at
weren't being updated for the last few months because of a
problem with javadoc after I upgraded my machine to JDK 1.4
I've finally figured out a workaround, so the javadoc pages
should once again be updated every night.

As a bonus, I've also got the nightly scripts building GNU-style
points to the list of ChangeLog files.  These include the full
list, separate lists for each year's changes, and a pointer to
the current year's list, which will always be reachable at

Please feel free to notify me with any problems you may notice
with either the javadocs or the ChangeLogs!

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