RE: VisADTriangleArray

Hi Ibrahim,

> I think I've figured out what I was doing wrong here so please dont bother
> to reply. I have another question, is there some field like 'Display.Rotate'
> similar to Display.ShapeScale to set the orientation of the shape? If not,
> then to change the orientation do I have to basically 'recreate' the shape
> in the new orientation? Also, is there a way to scale the shape using
> different scaling factors along each co-ordinate axis?

This is not ShapeRotate.

If you only have a single shape, you can pass an array of them
at different rotations to ShapeControl.setShapes() and use the
RealType mapped to Shape to determine rotation. Otherwise you
have to pass new shapes to setShape() or setShapes().

Also, there are no independent scales for different axes.

Good luck,

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