Re: problem running Java3D

> I have just installed Java3D and visad in my NT4.0 machine
> 1.In the sample applications from the visad tutor, when I compile the file
> as it is it throws deprecated error.
> When I change Real Type x = new RealType('so and so') to
> RealType.getRealType('x') it works fine.But the method is still in the new
> version also.Why?

Like the authors of Java itself, we leave deprecated methods in the
system so as not to break applications. But we encourage the use of
the new forms.

> 2.Secondly when I try to run the Java3D sample applications in the
> appletviewer as well as in the browser, the applet loads and only the frame
> is visible.The contents inside are not visible.
> But with the same setting if I run the visad examples which need Java3d,
> they are pretty good.Why?

Getting Java3D to run in browsers is tricky. See the Java3D FAQ
linked from the VisAD FAQ (under documentation on the VisAD web

Good luck,

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