Re: MetApps ShapefileAdapter

Hi James,

> I'd gladly try the straightforward way, but I can't think of one!
> If there was a signature for ScalarMap.setRange which could do something
> like:
> lonMap.SetRange(0,180,-180,0)
> instead of the
> lonMap.setRange(0,360) that we are currently using, then that would have
> the desired effect I think... but I can't see a way of doing this.

Oops, I misinterpreted your question as looking for something
like lonMap.setRange(-180, 180). You want the same range
setRange(0, 360), but you just want the numbers greater than
180 to be labeled negative. If you use setRange(0, 360) it
should put the negative values in the right place (i.e., add
360 to their values), but the labels will be positive. You can
override the labels with the AxisScale.setLabelTable() method.
So perhaps lonMap.setRange(0, 360) and setLabelTable() will
solve your problem?

A CS mapping (0->180, -180->0) to (0, 360) is that it will
have a discontinuity which is lilely to cause trouble.

Let us know if this will will work.


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