Re: Nexrad/NOWrad


jim schmidt wrote:
> what would be the visad-appropriate approach to ingesting
> NEXRAD and/or NOWrad products?
> i have access to the 15-minute NOWrad Master Sector data
> and want to use either visad or metapps APIs.
> thanks.

We access these products in our metapps using ADDE which
already serves these formats up in a AreaAdapter compatible
format.  To read them direct from disk, you would need
to write an adapter to read these formats directly.  Since
these are proprietary formats (at least the NOWrad), you 
would need to get code from WSI to read that format.  These 
products are run-length encoded as I remember. A FlatField
would be the VisAD Data object to use (x,y) -> (value) with
a CoordinateSystem (x,y) <-> (lat,lon).  If you do write
such a decoder/adapter, we would appreciate you contributing
back to the VisAD community.

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        P.O. Box 3000
(303) 497-8628                              Boulder, CO 80307

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