Adaptive Resolution and Sampled Sets

Greetings Bill and List,

I have created an Irregular3DSet using DelaunayCustom with a specific
kind of tetrahedralization.  This tetrahedralization is
multiresolutional.  What I am trying to do is "adapt" certain created
polygon vertices in makeIsosurface().  I am keeping track of my original
(x,y,z) coordinates in a separate class and reference each isosurface
polygon to each of my created tetrahedrons.  What I have found is that
once I create my Irregular3DSet and pass it my samplePoints[][] array,
it "normalizes" them somehow from -1.0 to 1.0.  From where does this
mapping come?  I would like to prevent such mapping so that the (x,y,z)
coords in Irregular3DSet.Samples[][] are the same as the coords in my
samplePoints[][] array originally passed to Irregular3DSet.  In keeping
them the same I am able to efficiently adapt the polygon vertices as
needed.  How might one change or rather prevent such a conversion?

Thanks you for your time,
Matt Leonard
UNH Computer Science Department