Re: Volume Rendering

Hi Vijay,

Check out Section 4.11 of Ugo Taddei's excellent VisAD
tutorial, at:

To use VisAD, you do not construct your own ImageComponent3D
or other Java3D objects. Rather, you put your data into VisAD
classes as described in Ugo's tutorial.

Good luck,

> Vijayaraghavan Rajagopal wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using the Java 3D API to try and come up with a 3D image of the 
> brain using 2D textures of MRI scans. I was told to look at the
> VisAd class libraries as it already does volume rendering. I have 2D images 
> stored in a Java3D ImageComponent3D object. I would like to use
> VisAd to do the volume rendering. I looked through the documentation and am 
> lost on where to start! I don't know what functions to call in
> order to perform volume rendering. I don't know what classes to use to 
> prepare the images for volume rendering. I know how to decode the DICOM
> images....its the same one I use , I got the code for it from ImageJ.
> Can someone please help me? Would it be possible to give me an indication on 
> how to do volume rendering? The tutorial by Mr Ugo Taddei does
> not seem to give me help on how to display images.
> Thank You
> Vijay Rajagopal
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