Re: display legend and line-style below the axis-title?

Hi Thomas,

> i want to display a few  lines in one display with different colors, 
> line-styles und different line-width.
> the number of lines based on the data-file.

Display.LineStyle and Display.LineWidth can only be used in
ConstantMaps, not in ScalarMaps. Hence you have to divides
lines with different styles or widths into different Data
objects, passing appropriate ConstantMap[] arrays to the
addReference() calls that link the different Data to the

> in additional to that i want have to display some informations in bottom 
> position of the display (below the Y-axis-title).
> in special i want to display a one text and sample-line (with the same 
> properties of constant maps as line-series) for each line-series to 
> identify/refer the displayed lines.

to do this draw some graphics (text, lines, images, etc) in the
space of your RealTypes mapped to XAxis and YAxis, centered in
the range of your XAxis values and less than your lowest YAxis
values. Make sure to explicitly call setRange() on your ScalarMap
to YAxis, so the auto-scaling doesn't put your graphics above
the bottom of the box. You'll probably need to experiment a bit
to get your graphics placed where you want them. See Section
2.2 of Ugo's VisAD Tutorial for help with setRange().

Good luck,

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