Re: log scale


julius wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Thank you for your response again. You perfectly pointed out how I should
> have phrased my question. Forgive me for not asking it correctly the first
> time.
> Is it possible to use the
>         public void setMinorTickSpacing(double spacing)
>         public void setMajorTickSpacing(double spacing)
> methods to place non-equidistant ticks on a scale?
> On a log scale I would like to place major ticks at 5s and 10s. Therefore,
> the relative distance between subsequent ticks should be 0.69897 and 1 (i.e.
> log5, and log10) alternatively.
> The relative distance between the small ticks should be  0.30103, 0.47712,
> 0.5020599, 0.7781512, 0.845098, 0,9030899, and 0.9542425 (i.e. log2, log3,
> log4, log6, log7, log8, log9)
> My problem is that I do not know if I can do this somehow with the two
> methods above. So far I could use them only to make equidistant ticks.

The current AxisScale will not support unevenly spaced tick 
marks.  Logarithmic axes are on my list of things to do, but
finding the time is not even on my radar screen.  It will involve
changes to ScalarMap and Display (for new display types). 

Anyone else who wants to tackle this is welcome to. 

Don Murray                               UCAR Unidata Program
dmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        P.O. Box 3000
(303) 497-8628                              Boulder, CO 80307

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