RE: Plot Earthquake Fault Trace into the earth

Hi Steven,

> Thanks for the leads. I have a couple of followup questions. I'm still
> not clear on how my data array should be structured. As you mention my
> lat/lon data do have the same number of (lat, lon) locations at each
> depth, and they can be placed in one-to-one correspondence with each
> other. I assume I should then do:
> domain_set = new visad.Gridded3DSet(domain_tuple, loc_vals, 19, 58);
> My question is, how to I assemble the domain_tuple. Should this be
> flattend out for each dimension. Should my depth values be included in
> this? Thanks for your help with this.

domain_tuple is a RealTuple of lat, lon and depth (3 components),
and loc_values is dimensioned [3][num_points] with arrays of lat,
lon and depth values. The grid is topologically 2-D, but embedded
in 3-D space.

Good luck,

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