log scale

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the sample code, it helped us get started.
Since auto-scaling is important for us, we are working on some small methods 
which allows auto-scaling in log-log and semi-log plots, and calculates the 
coordinates of minor and major ticks for the logarithmic axis.

I can not see any other way to put ticks on a log axis (if I want more ticks 
than at the powers of 10) then modify the AxisScale class and add these 
mothods to the AxisScale class. I would appreciate if you could confirm this, 
since if there is another way, I would prefer not to modify any VisAD class.


>Hi Julius,
>  http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/glimpse/visad-list/1983
>which includes a sample program for doing this. It isn't just
>a simple widget, but it does get the job done using a custom
>LogCoordinateSystem and explcitly setting axis labels.
>Good luck,

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