Re: Visad and Java3D on Mac OS X`

Hi Steven,

Because MacOS X supports Java2, VisAD does run on MacOS X.

There are two issues with MacOS X, however.  One of them is
Java3D, which has not yet been released for MacOS X.

The other is a bug in MacOS X's Java2 implementation that
causes points to be displayed incorrectly (thus, VisAD's
direct manipulation on MacOS X is not very usable).

Hopefully these issues are being addressed by Apple and
we'll soon see VisAD running happily on Macintosh machines.


At 05:26 PM 5/8/2002, Steven W. Rock wrote:
>Hi All,
>Does VisAD and Java3D run on the Mac OS X? I know the Mac does support
>Steven W. Rock
>Software Engineer
>Rock Technologies

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