Re: installation

Qingtao Song wrote:
>  visad and java are new things to me.  I am trying to install visad on my
>  Redhat linux 7.0.
>  ./install_visad
>  then got the error msg:
>  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: /home/qsong/visad-in-a-box/visad/jar
>          at java.lang.Class.forName(
>          at java.lang.Class.forName(

Oops, sorry!  Here are two things to try:

1) Run this command:

     java -\?

   and check the resulting help message to make sure
   that -cp is an accepted alias for the -classpath option.

   If it's not listed, you can try editing the 'install_visad'
   script and changing the line near the bottom of the script

     if [ -f $DISTDIR/visad.jar ]; then
       CPARG="-cp $DISTDIR/visad.jar"


     if [ -f $DISTDIR/visad.jar ]; then
       CPARG="-classpath $DISTDIR/visad.jar"

   If that change works, let me know and I'll make the
   appropriate fix in the distributed copy of 'install_visad'.

2) If (1) doesn't work, run the following commands:

     java -version
     java -\?
     sh -xv ./install_visad

   If the ^D doesn't work, you may need to type 'exit' to
   get out of the 'script' session.

   This will produce a verbose 'typescript' file recording
   all terminal input/output while 'install_visad' is running.
   Mail that 'typescript' to me (dglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) and I'll
   see if I can figure out what's going wrong.