Re: Gridded2dDoubleSet to display different line-styles?

Hi Thomas,

The support for line styles was just added to VisAD, and apparently the
FTP server hasn't been updated with a version containing these changes
yet.  The new version with line style support will be available within
a few days.


At 03:45 PM 4/30/2002, Curtis Rueden wrote:
>Hi Thomas,
>>-is it possible to display lines in different line-styles (different style 
>>for each line)?
>You can display different lines in different styles by using a separate
>DataReference for each style.  For example, you could have a UnionSet
>of GriddedSets that make up your solid lines, and add that set to a
>DataReference with ConstantMap to a GraphicsModeControl.SOLID_STYLE
>line style; and another UnionSet for your dashed lines, adding it to a
>DataReference with ConstantMap to a the DASHED_STYLE line style.