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Hello Curtis,
I agree with Cicero, this ResSwitcher is a very interesting class for=20
performance problems. I must say that Visad is a product much more=20
documented than some "commercial" software. But it's difficult to find=20
through the API documentation (that contains hundreds of classes), this=20
kind of utility class. It would be a good thing to make some promotion for

these hidden classes. I don't know the way it shoud be (and you could=20
answer that  this mailing-list is a valuable mean for that). Maybe some=20
readers could suggest some "push" information solution ?

Best regards
Renaud DA=CFAN=20

At 01:41 PM 4/24/2002, Cicero A. W. Zandon=E1 wrote:
>Hi Curtis and everybody
>I didn=B4t know about the ResSwitch class till now (maybe I need to explor
VisAD more). But it came in great time to solve the performance issues I=B4
facing. Thank you.

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