Re: Display a series of 2D curves in a 3D display

> > for example, what do these lines of code (from do?
> >
> > ScalarMap shape_map = (ScalarMap )display.getMapVector().lastElement();
> > RealType count = (RealType )shape_map.getScalar();
> > float[][] counts = new float[][] {{0.0f, 1.0f, 2.0f, 3.0f}};
> > Gridded1DSet count_set = new Gridded1DSet(count, counts, counts[0].length);
> This gets the last ScalarMap in the display (which the app knows is
> to Shape), gets its RealType, creates a float[][] array, and creates
> a Gridded1DSet.

I should add that this Gridded1DSet is probably pass to the
setShapeSet() method of the ShapeControl, used to quantize
'count' values to the discrete array of VisADGeometryArrays
passed the the setShapes() method of the ShapeControl.