Re: resetting ranges of a plot space


You may be able to do this with calls to setRange() on your
spatial ScalarMaps. If you want to hide information outside
the display box, you can use clipping. Or ScalarMaps to

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On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Brandon Kohn wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to write a zoom function for a 2D display that will allow the user 
> to define a rectangle inside the plot area and then redraw to this scale.  
> The problem is that the points are drawn outside the plot box after 
> rescaling.  I know that SelectRangeWidgets perform this bounding 
> functionality, but I'm having trouble figuring out how it actually sets the 
> new bounds, and I'd rather not have a hidden widget sitting in my jframe.  
> Any help?
> Thanks
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