Display a series of 2D curves in a 3D display

I'm new to VisAD, but have worked through the tutorials.

I'd like to do the following and would appreciate tips or pointers from

I have a series of 2D curves that I'd like to plot next to eachother along
one of the axes of a 3D plot.  I would like the data points to not be
connected.  I would like each data point to have an error bar displayed
along the z-axis.

In essence, I'm trying to plot a 3D mesh of evenly-spaced points that are
not connected where each point has an error bar.

Its not clear to me if I should use a Linear2DSet or something else.

Apologies if this sounds like too much hand-holding.  Even just a few
pointers on correct domain tuples, etc. would be a useful start to get me
moving along the right direction.


Mark Thompson, Ph.D.
Planaria Software
Seattle, WA.

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