Re: How get range info from certain objects?

Hi Charles,

To get the bounds on a Set object, you can call:

     GriddedSet set = ...;
     float[] lo = set.getLow();
     float[] hi = set.getHi();

The lo and hi arrays (whose lengths match your set's domain dimension)
will contain the spatial bounds of your set.

Or you could call ScalarMap.getRange() and pass the corresponding
values back into ScalarMap.setRange() in reverse order.


At 05:32 AM 4/12/2002, you wrote:
>I want to use the setRange method of ScalarMap to reverse the polarity 
>of an axis, but first I need to know the max and min values of that 
>axis before I can reverse them. I have a GriddedSet being passed 
>into my procedure, which I assign to a DataReference, etc. If I then 
>do a System.out.println on the DataReference, I get a list "DomainDimension 
>that has the information I need, but I couldn't find what method 
>to call to extract the specific range in the form to use it in code,
>i.e. to alter and pass on to setRange.