Re: garbage collection

There are mysterious garbage collection problems that may
be in Java3D. I recommend that you reuse the old Displays
for new Data. The clearMaps() and removeAllReferences()
methods of DisplayImpl will clear it for re-use.

Good luck, Bill

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Campbell, Garrett wrote:

> I have an jython/visad program which produces 4 windows with 3 d
> displays. After preparing the displays, I would like to read new
> data in and recreate the windows.
> I have set this up to close all the windows and then begin reading
> in the new data again from the server.  I presumed that the garbage
> collector would release the resources for the old run.
> In the second set of displays the response is very slow and the
> memory footprint is larger.
> Is there something special about running the garbage collector with
> jython or visad?  How can I releaxe the memory used by arrays in
> jython?
> Thanks
> G. Garrett Campbell Ph. D.
> Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
> Colorado State University
> Ft. Collins, CO, USA
> 970 491 8497
> campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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