Re: scientific plotting applications in VisAD

Hi Tommy,

I can't speak for them, but Unidata, NCAR and the Australian Bureau
of Meteorology are both developing excellent products based on VisAD.
The Unidata products, under their Metapps project, are open source.
We are also developing a variety of environmental apps at Wisconsin,
including VisAD's Python programming interface.

I have no doubt that VisAD is the best way for you to go, joining
the collaboration. I should also include Ugo Taddie, a hydrologist
at the University of Jena, in that collaboration.


On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Tommy E. Cathey wrote:

> Bill and/or colleagues,
> As a contractor in EPA's National Environmental Supercomputing
> Center, NESC, I have been tasked to survey the Internet
> for available 2-D/3-D scientific plotting applications for possible
> integration into the EPA's Multimedia Integrated Modeling System, MIMS.
> Some of the requirements for this application include the following:
> -run under Win32 and Linux
> -open source
> -extensible with user defined routines
> -license which would allow the EPA to distribute it to all MIMS users
> -GUI interface (batch processing is also highly desired)
> -basic 2-D plots such as
> ---line, scatter,  histograms, bar, box, log,
> ---contour, vector, mesh, polar, and function plots
> -some 3-D plots such as bar, dot plots (not required at this time)
> -image manipulation (zoom, rotate, translate)
> -edit data in separate window
> -fully configurable layout including symbols, color, labels, axes
> -publication grade output
> -statistics would be nice to have
> Grace, SciGraphica, Java Analysis Studio among other applications
> have been examined.  While Grace has many of the desired features
> the Windows port of Grace is not satisfactory and requires an X-server
> which is not likely to be part of the MIMS distribution. Other applications
> have lacked the desired features. Thus the search has broadened to include
> Java toolkits such as VisAD and Scientific Graphics Toolkit.
> Does anyone know of an application developed in VisAD which might
> fit EPA's needs? Or is there anyone who has started development on such an
> application who would be willing to collaborate with the NESC staff
> in such an endeavor? How difficult would it be in time and effort for
> the average programmer who is not familiar with VisAD to develop such
> an application?
> Thanks in advance for comments and consideration.
> --Tommy
> --
> Tommy E. Cathey
> Senior Scientific Application Consultant
> Lockheed Martin Technical Services (Contractor to EPA)
> mailto:cathey.tommy@xxxxxxx
> (919)541-1500
> My e-mail does not reflect the opinion of Lockheed Martin or the EPA.

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